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Semtech - Semtech Corporation supplies high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. Semtech's wireless offerings include GPS modules, various transceivers (including Bluetooth), UHF transmitters, and various evaluation/starter kits associated with their products.
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Featured Product

Semtech Low Power GPSLow Power GPS
Semtech's SX1223I073TRT provides a low cost transmitter solution which can operate across multiple channel in the ISM bands operating at 433, 868 or 915MHz. Providing up to 156Kbps, it offers great flexibility for low-power/high data rate applications such as security systems, AMR and building automation.

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Product Training Module:
SX1223 ISM Transmitter
Development Kits

Semtech ISM Starter KitISM Starter Kits
Semtech's ISM Starter Kits are transceiver development and evaluation platforms that perform practical "demonstration", "range" and "site survey" testing.

Other Semtech products include:
SX1223SK433-ND - Starter Kit
XE1205SKC433XE1-ND - Starter Kit
XE1203SKC868XE2-ND - Starter Kit

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Semtech XE1203F TrueRF Trransceiver ModuleXE1203F TrueRF Trransceiver Module
The XE1203F TrueRF transceiver module is a complete radio solution based on the highly integrated XE1203F ISM-band radio. The RF module features a direct digital interface for data, RSSI output, FEI output, and antenna Rx/Tx switch control.

Other Semtech products include:
SX1211I084CT-ND - Single Chip TxRx 32-TQFN
XM1205C915XE1-ND - TxRx Module TrueRF 915MHz
XE1203FI063CT-ND - TxRx 433/868/915MHz 48-VQFN

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