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Maxim - Maxim designs and manufactures a wide variety of electrical components. In the wireless market, Maxim offers a wide variety receivers, transmitters, transmitters, modulators/demodulators, and amplifiers along with large portfolio of RF specific capacitors.  Learn more about Maxim.

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Featured Product

Maxim Logarithmic AmplifiersLogarithmic Amplifiers
The MAX4000/4002 low-cost, low-power logarithmic amplifiers are designed to control RF power amplifiers operating in the 0.1GHz~2.5GHz frequency range. A typical dynamic range of 45dB makes this family of log amps useful in a variety of wireless applications. Available in a 8-uMAX® and 8-UCSP™ package.


Maxim Crystal-Referenced PLL VHF/UHF TransmitterCrystal-Referenced PLL VHF/UHF Transmitter
The MAX1479 crystal-referenced phase-locked-loop (PLL) VHF/UHF transmitter is designed to transmit ASK, OOK, and FSK data in the 300MHz~450MHz frequency range.

Other ISM/Other products include:
MAX1472AKA+TCT-ND - Transmitter ASK SOT23-8
MAX1473EUI+-ND - Receiver 315/433MHz ASK 28-TSSOP

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RF Components

Maxim High-Linearity Digital-Variable-Gain AmplifierHigh-Linearity Digital-Variable-Gain Amplifier
The MAX2058 high-linearity digital-variable-gain amplifier (DVGA) is designed to provide 62dB of total gain range. The MAX2058 also yields a high level of component integration with several attenuators, an amplifier, a mixer, and a serial interface.

Other RF Components products include:
MAX4003EUA+-ND - RF Logarithmic Amplifier Detecter 45dB 8-UMAX
MAX2620EUA+-ND - RF Oscillator with Buffered Out 8-UMAX

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