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Linx Technologies - Linx Technologies provides the wireless industry cost-effective, easily applied, and highly versatile radio frequency (RF) products. Linx products are designed for unparalleled ease of implementation, reliable performance, low-cost, and a high degree of application flexibility. The company offers a wide variety of wireless products such as antennas, RF components, and Bluetooth™ and GPS supporting devices.  Learn more about Linx Technologies.

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Featured Product

Linx LR Series TransmitterLR Series Transmitter IC
The LR Series transmitter is ideal for the cost effective wireless transfer of serial data, control, or command information in the favorable 260-470MHz band. When paired with a compatible Linx receiver, a reliable wireless link is formed, capable of transferring serial data at rates of up to 10,000 bps at distances of up to 3,000 feet.

Development Kits

Linx EVAL-916-ES Basic Evaluation KitEVAL-916-ES Basic Evaluation Kit
The EVAL-916-ES basic evaluation kit is intended to give a designer all the tools necessary to correctly and legally incorporate the ES modules into an end product. The kit consists of 2 ES transmitters, 2 ES receivers, 2 extra PCB-mount RP-SMA connectors, 2 development boards, 2 CW series antennas, 2 CR2032 batteries and full documentation.

Other Linx Development Kits include:
EVAL-418-HHLR-ND - Evaluation Kit for HHLR 418MHz Xmitter
MDEV-USB-QS-ND - Master Dev. Kit, USB, QS Series
MDEV-GPS-SR-ND - Master Dev. Kit, GPS, SR Series
MDEV-418-HH-KF5-MS-ND - Master Dev. Kit, Keyfob 418MHz, MS Series

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Linx Permanent-Mount AntennaPermanent-Mount Antenna
The permanent-mount antenna LP series is ideally suited for applications requiring a compact, low-cost, cosmetically attractive antenna solution. These 1/4-wave antennas mount directly to a product's PCB via a single screw.

Other Linx Development Kits include:
ANT-315-PW-LP-ND - 315MHz Screw Mnt 1/4 Wave Whip Antenna
ANT-315-SP_-ND - 315MHz Planar (SMT) Antenna
ANT-868-CW-HWR-SMA-ND - 868MHz 1/2 Wave SMA Antenna

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Linx SR Series GPS ModuleSR Series GPS Receiver Module
The SR Series GPS receiver module from Linx Technologies is a self-contained high-performance GPS receiver with an on-board antenna, LNA and SAW filter. Based on the SiRFstar III chipset, it provides exceptional sensitivity, even in dense foliage and urban canyons. The module’s very low power consumption helps maximize runtimes in battery powered applications. With over 200,000 effective correlators, the SR Series receiver can acquire and track up to 20 satellites simultaneously in just seconds, even at the lowest signal levels. Housed in a compact reflow-compatible SMD package, the receiver requires no programming or additional RF components to form a complete GPS solution. These features, along with the module’s standard NMEA data output, make the SR Series easy to integrate, even by engineers without previous RF or GPS experience.

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Linx Tiny LT Series TransceiversTiny LT Series Transceivers
The tiny LT series transceivers offer the longest range and lowest power consumption of any transceiver ever offered by Linx. The series is ideally suited for a diverse range of consumer and industrial applications that require reliable, cost effective, bi-directional communication.

Other Linx ISM/Other products include:
TXM-900-HP3-PPO-ND - RF Transmitter 900 MHz 8-Channel
TXM-433-LC-ND - RF Transmitter 433 MHz SMT
RXD-433-KH2-ND - Receiver/Decoder 433 MHz KH2 Series
TXM-418-LR-ND - Transmitter 418 MHz LR Series

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