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Antenna performance can greatly affect the range and reliability of your product, however these devices are often an afterthought in the process of an RF design. Digi-Key has a large offering of antennas at almost any frequency with multiple style options to best fit your application such as whip antennas, high gain antennas, and chip antennas. Whip styles are also available in various connectorized versions or with cable attached. 

Antenna Devices

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Nearson Rubber Duck Antenna2.4GHz Rubber Duck Antenna
The S151AH-2450S delivers a high performance antenna with up to 5dBi of gain with an articulating base to orient the antenna in the optimum position.
730-1005-ND   Datasheet

AN-00500 Application Note: Antennas: Design, Application and Performance
AN-00501 Application Note: Understanding Antenna Specifications and Operation

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260 ~ 470MHz

Linx 433MHz Wave Whip AntennaThe 260 ~ 470MHz band is an unlicensed band in the US, and specific frequencies are available for use in different countries. Check local regulations for which frequencies are unlicensed for use in your area. In the US this band is controlled by the operation limits specified in CFR Title 47 part 15.231.

AN-00125 Application Note: Considerations for operation in the 260~470MHz
AN-00500 Application Note: Antennas Design, Application and Performance

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860 ~ 960MHz

Linx 916MHz ½ Wave RPSMA Whip AntennaThe 860 ~ 960MHz band is popular in many countries due to the fact you can send almost any analog or data signal, specifically the 902 ~ 928MHz band in the US and the 868MHz band in the EU. The 902 ~ 928MHz band is an ISM band in the US, but check local regulations to see which frequencies are unlicensed to use in your area. In the US, this Frequency band is regulated by CFR Title 47 Part 15.247.

AN-00126 Application Note: Consideration for operation - 902~928MHz band
AN-00500 Application Note: Antennas Design, Application and Performance

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1.575GHz (GPS)

Linx GPS AntennaGPS is utilized in many applications to provide position and timing information which can be used for location/asset tracking, time synchronization, navigation and many other applications. GPS antennas can be used with GPS modules available from Digi-Key.

GPS Status Information
NMEA Standards Organization

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800 ~ 2.2GHz (Cellular)

Nearson Rubber Duck AntennaUnits for Cellular Applications include GSM, CDMA, HSDPA etc. Applications used with these technologies expand well beyond voice and can include real-time or logged data tracking, Asset Tracking, etc. Cellular Modules are also available from Digi-Key.

(Pictured 730-1016-ND Rubber duck)

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2.4 ~ 2.5GHz

Antenova 2.4GHz Titanis AntennaThe 2.4GHz band is a popular ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band worldwide. Multiple channels are available depending on your region. Some popular applications used in this band include Bluetooth, WiFi/WLAN, and IEEE 802.15.4-based solutions. This band is limited for operation in the US under FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15.247 and 15.249 (Radiated Power Limits)

4.9 ~ 5.875GHz

Nearson Rubber Duck AntennaThe 4.9 ~ 5.875GHz band is an ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) band for use in the US and many other countries. This band is regulated in the US by FCC Title 47 Part 15.247 and 15.249 (Radiated Power Limits). A popular application used in this band is IEEE 802.11a, and dual-band operation of the draft specifications of the 802.11n.   730-1013-ND (pictured)

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Multi-Band Antennas

Nearson Rubber Duck Tri-Band AntennaMulti-Band Antennas allows multiple radios to route signals through a single antenna, saving valuable space and cost. Various configurations are available for use with applications such as multi-band cellular, and dual-band WLAN applications including 802.11n.

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DLP Design Inc 13.56 MHz Ferrite AntennaRFID covers a large variety of applications ranging from Asset Tracking, Security to location and product updates. These antennas cover the passive variant of RFID covering the frequencies of 125/134.2KHz and 13.56MHz.

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Wire Antennas

Linx 2.4GHz Bluetooth Wire AntennaWire Antennas are classed by multiple popular names, include Whip, Monopole, Dipole, Rubber Duck, but wire antennas also include other antenna types such as Surface-Mount and Yagi-Uda style antennas. Chip antennas have the internal structure of a wire, typically copper that is cut to the a portion of the wavelength of the intended reception frequency.   ANT-2.45-CHPCT-ND (pictured)

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