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Bluetechnix develops highly innovative solutions in the area of embedded systems and smart sensors used in emerging applications such as in the area of robotics and wireless sensor network applications. Bluetechnix sells core modules and offer custom design services and design assistance for hardware and low level software (Linux BSPs and native C Code).

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Development Kits

Development Kits provide engineers with a platform to explore the attributes of specific components. This section provides information on OEM and daughter boards, wireless modules, JTAG probes, and accessories.

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Bluetechnix CM-BF537The CM-BF537 is characterized by its ability to fit into many different types of applications. This module integrates processor, RAM, Flash, external peripheral controllers, and a power supply in a module sized at 31.5 mm x 36.5 mm. Based on the ADSP-BF537 from Analog Devices, this core module is designed for commercial and industrial use and addresses up to 64 MByte SDRAM via its 16-bit wide SDRAM bus. Additionally, it has an onboard NOR-Flash of 4Mbytes and offers a CAN interface and an onboard Ethernet transceiver (10/100 Mbit).

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Development Tools

Development tools allow the designer to program and develop software on an embedded device.

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Bluetechnix gnICE+The gnICE+ is the most feature complete Open Source USB High-Speed JTAG In-Circuit-Emulator for Blackfin processors. gnICE+ is more than 10x faster compared to the gnICE. It is designed to provide both mechanically and electrically reliable JTAG debugging and CFI NOR Flash programming via USB.

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