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Vishay/Dale's sensor products include both NTC and PTC thermistors in a wide variety of packages, values, and tolerances. Vishay/Dale also supplies a broad line of resistors, resistor networks, inductors, magnetics, connectors, thermistors, crystal oscillators, and panel displays. Products include both commercial and military grade devices with an extensive offering of both surface-mount and leaded configurations.  Learn more about Vishay/Dale.

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Vishay/Dale NTHS SeriesNTHS - Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor SMD Chips
Vishay's NTHS series NTC thermistors is a monolithic chip with a glass overcoat for stability, available from 0402 to 1206 sizes. The NTHS series has wraparound Ni barrier terminations and it is available in RoHS compliant and tin lead version. The product is Halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21 definition. It is offered in a wide variety of Beta values to fit customer needs. Resistance values at 25°C starts at 1Kohms and extend to 250Kohms in select chip sizes.

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Vishay/Dale Models M, C, and T ThermistorsModels M, C, and T Thermistors
Models M, C, and T are conformally coated, leaded thermistors for standard PC board mounting or assembly in probes. The coating is baked-on phenolic for durability and long-term stability. Models M and C have tinned solid copper leads. Model T has solid nickel wires with Teflon® insulation to provide isolation when assembled in metal probes or housings.

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