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Omron ECB Division's sensor offering through Digi-Key includes flow, positioning, and acceleration/inclination sensors as well as other specialized products. Its primary business areas focus on electronic controls and systems, electronic healthcare products, financial and point of sale products, and fair management systems.  Learn more about Omron.

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D6T Thermal SensorD6T Thermal Sensor
Omron's D6T thermal sensor is an extremely sensitive thermal sensor used to detect human presence or movement. The sensor is available with detection zones either 4 x 4 Detection Element wide for standard environment detection or 1 x 8 Detection Element for wide or tall angle detection. The built in circuitry eliminates or limits false triggering caused by outside influences and backgrounds.

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MEMS Relay and Sensor TechnologyMEMS Relay and Sensor Technology
MEMS products for device miniaturization and configuration of more advanced functions. Omron provides various MEMs products including minute senors and high-frequency switches to measure air volume, temperature and pressure, thus helping make your devices smarter and even more compact.

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