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Touch sensors offer many advantages over traditional pushbuttons, dials, and knobs. Touch sensors are not mechanical and therefore have no moving parts, which means no springs, no clicks, and no covers that pop off. They can fit in very tight spaces with no protrusion so that designers can mount them flush to the contours of their products. Computer touch screens are very useful in applications associated with public access terminals and industrial systems controls. Touch solutions can be easily integrated into the final product design with a minimum of effort and can provide long-term advantages in power consumption and product life span.

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Touch Solutions

  • Capacitive
  • Inductive
  • Resistive

Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

Capacitive touch sensing is a technology based on the transfer of energy within an electrical network by means of the capacitance between circuit nodes and is typically achieved by placing a capacitor in series with the signal to be coupled. There are many different methods or theory's for achieving this like Relaxation Oscillator, Sigma Delta, Charge Transfer, Amplitude Modulation, etc that can be used to achieve a capacitive touch sensing solution. Capacitive touch sensors are used for many different applications that can require touch switches, proximity, fluid level, slide switches, position, human interface device or HID, touch screens, and many other applications.

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Inductive Touch Dev Kit

Inductive sensing properties enables touch applications through stainless steel, aluminum, thick material (e.g. gloves) and works well in applications where liquid may be present.  Ideal applications for inductive touch solutions are industrial, automotive, appliances, and any application where harsh environments may be present.

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Resistive Touch Sensor ICResistive sensors are a versatile and robust technology that can be used for distance and pressure applications by using the physical contact between two materials to generate a variable resistance.  Because the technology work off physical contact, the sensors can be used with several actuation methods including finger touch, mechanical stylus, and nylon wipers.

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