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Sensing temperature is important in many applications. The choice of sensor, from an IC package to a thermistor or other technology, depends on the engineer's needs for accuracy, precision, and ease of integration.

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Output Type

Temperature SensorsTemperature sensors come in a variety of output types, including active high, active low, push-pull, open drain, open collector, voltage, current, clock, and digital options.

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Thermistors - NTC

Thermistors - NTCThermistors-NTC sensors are resistive devices that have a negative temperature coefficient (NTC). This means their resistance drops with an increase in temperature. As their outputs are non-linear, NTC thermistors are used most often in applications that have some external signal conditioning and/or processing available.

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Thermistors - PTC

Thermistors - PTCThermistors-PTC sensors are resistive devices that have a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). This means their resistance rises with an increase in temperature. PTC thermistors are often used for current limiting, thermal fusing, and temperature switching control applications.

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Resistive Temp. Device

RTDs (Resistive Temp Devices)Resistive temperature devices (RTDs) are temperature sensors that exploit the predictable change in electrical resistance of some materials with changing temperature.

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