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An accelerometer is an electromechanical device used to measure changes in velocity over time. Practical applications include sensing orientation and vibration as well as shock and fall detection. Sensing acceleration is accomplished through a variety of technologies, many of which use microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

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Accelerometers Range

505-8-LCC SensorAcceleration Range is measured in units "g." 1g is equal to the earth's gravity at sea level.

Accelerometers in this range are used for applications such as fall detection, user input devices, tap functionally, white goods load balancing, and orientations feedback.
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A fighter jet typically has a maximum turn force of 9g to 12g. Astronauts in a space shuttle experience 10g of acceleration during liftoff.
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High g accelerometers are used in applications where measurement of high stock and vibration is needed. This includes crash detection, large motor bearing monitoring, loudspeaker servo control, and a variety of other applications.
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Number of Axis

505-8-LCC SensorNumber of Axes orientation is given as a quantity in any combination of the X, Y, and/or Z vector directions

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Output Type

505-8-LCC Sensor Output Type - Accelerometers are available with output types of either analog or digital.

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Dev Tools/Eval Boards

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