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Zilog - Zilog designs, manufactures, and markets a broad portfolio of full product solutions for embedded control applications used in consumer electronics, home appliances, security systems, point of sales terminals, Digital Home IR remote controls, and personal computer peripherals. In the microcontroller market, Zilog offers a wide variety of 8-bit and 16-bit devices. Learn more about supplier.

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Featured Product

Featured Product

Z16F Series Flash microcontroller image

ZiLOG’s Z16F Series Flash microcontrollers are based on ZiLOG’s advanced ZNEO 16-bit CPU core. The family of devices sets a new standard of performance and efficiency with up to 20 MIPS performance at 20MHz.    

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Eval Boards

eZ80190 Development Kit

eZ80190 Development Kit image

The eZ80190 Development Kit provides a general-purpose platform for evaluating the capabilities and operation of ZiLOG's eZ80190 microprocessor.

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Product Training

Product Training Module (PTM)

Created with the busy design engineer in mind, these product training tutorials are available in audio and non-audio versions. These unique tools facilitate faster time to market and make Digi-Key a true one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs.

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Z8 Encore!®

Z8 Encore!® image

Zilog’s Z8 Encore! family of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers provides a 20MHz Z8 core with up to 12KB of Flash memory, an optional fast ADC, and a 20MHz precision oscillator, the Z8 Encore! family delivers outstanding math performance and in-circuit programmability. The family comes with a free suite of development software including a full ANSI Optimizing C Compiler. Zilog also offers a full suite of design tools, including development kits and modular development systems.

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eZ80 Acclaim!®

eZ80 Acclaim!® image

The eZ80 Acclaim Flash based MCU is the latest addition to ZiLOG’s microcontroller line-up with speeds up to 50MHz on a single instruction cycle core and an on-chip Ethernet MAC on some versions. The family also features 256KB Flash, and up to 16KB SRAM.

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Z16F ZNEO™ image

Based on the tested Z8 and Z80 MCU cores, the Z16F ZNEO controllers operate at 20MHz and are available in a wide variety of Flash sizes from 2KB to 128KB. Onboard communications peripherals include I2C, SPI, UARTs, IrDA, and LIN. The family is also available in a wide variety of surface-mount package/case options.

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