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Development tools and evaluation boards provide an easy way to demonstrate various peripheral functionality and learn about an unfamiliar microcontroller product without manufacturing a custom PCB. This section provides a quick reference to these tools based on the vendor of the product.

Development Tools / Evaluation Kits - Fujitsu Semiconductor America Inc.

  • F²MC-8 (8-Bit)
  • F²MC-16 (16-Bit)
F²MC-8 (8-Bit)

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Fujitsu MB2146-410A-01-EThe MB2146-410A-01-E simulator from Fujitsu Semiconductor can simulate the MCU at any voltage within the voltage range and can also support complex debug functions, such as multi-stage breakpoint, bit-level event trigger function and support for high level languages.  This development kit features a USB communication port, includes BGMA MB2146-08-E, 256 code/2 data event breakpoints and tracking function.

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F²MC-16 (16-Bit)

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Fujitsu SK-16FX-EUROSCOPE-FMAThe SK-16FX-EUROSCOPE-FMA "EUROScope lite 16FX" is an exclusive version source-level debugger for Fujitsu's 16FX family.  The 16FX supports on-chip debugging without the need of boxes and adapters like common JTAG based systems.  The on chip debug functionality is completely implemented in a debug support module and the firmware of the MCU.

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