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Development tools and evaluation boards provide an easy way to demonstrate various peripheral functionality and learn about an unfamiliar microcontroller product without manufacturing a custom PCB. This section provides a quick reference to these tools based on the vendor of the product.

Development Tools / Evaluation Kits - Cirrus Logic

  • EP7 (32-Bit ARM7)
  • EP9 (32-Bit ARM9)
EP7 (32-Bit ARM7)

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Cirrus EDB7312The EDB7312 development kit includes:  the EP7312 development board, color LCD 320 x 240 with integrated touch panel, USB, ethernet, parallel and serial cables, durable aluminum enclosure, board schematics in OrCad 7.2 and PDF formats and documentation on CD-ROM.  The EP7312 development kit is a cost effective platform that enables designers to rapidly bring hand-held information appliances, digital audio players and network interface devices to market.  It is easy to set up and includes tools required for developing and testing a highly integrated EP73xx-based system.

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EP9 (32-Bit ARM9)

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Cirrus EDB9315A-ZThe EDB9315A provides designers with a complete kit including hardware, software and drivers which is optimized for use with the peripherals integrated on the EP9315 ARM9 based embedded processor from Cirrus Logic.  Key features of the EDB9315A include:  a complete Linux® OS with drivers (source code included), BSP for Microsoft® Windows® WinCE 5.0 OS with drivers, a full featured EP9315-based development board with generous peripheral selection, evaluation copies of popular tools, schematics and gerbers.

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