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Development tools and evaluation boards provide an easy way to demonstrate various peripheral functionality and learn about an unfamiliar microcontroller product without manufacturing a custom PCB. This section provides a quick reference to these tools based on the vendor of the product.

Development Tools / Evaluation Kits - Analog Devices

  • ADuC8000 (8-Bit 8051)
  • ADuC7000 (32-Bit ARM7)
ADuC8000 (8-Bit 8051)

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Analog Devices EVAL-ADUC847QSZ

The EVAL-ADUC847QSZ is a development system for the evaluation of the ADuC847, 10-channel 24-Bit ADC + 12 MIPS Flash MCU.  Additionally, this development system is also recommended for evaluation of the ADuC848, 10-channel 16-Bit ADC + 12 MIPS Flash MCU.

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ADuC7000 (32-Bit ARM7)

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Analog Devices EVAL-ADUC7020QSZ

The ADuC7020 evaluation board includes a 4-pin UART header to connect to RS232 interface cable, 20-pin standard JTAG connector to connect to ULINK emulator, ADR291 2.5 V external reference chip, reset/download/IRQ0 push-buttons, power indicator/general-purpose LEDs, access to all ADC inputs and DAC outputs from external header and a surface mount and through hole general purpose prototype area.

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