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TDK Corporation - TDK strives to ceaselessly to turn out a variety of products and services making use of its materials technology, centering on ferrite and ceramics, and processing technology, which draws out the properties of materials to the maximum degree. In the lighting market, TDK offers a 350 mA LED driver and variety of inverters for powering CCFL and UV lamps. Learn more about TDK.

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  • CCFL

Inverter modules convert DC voltage from the system battery or AC adapter directly to the high frequency, high-voltage power input required to ignite and operate CCFL lamps.

CXA-P1212B-WJL CCFL Inverter

TDK - CXA-P1212B-WJL CCFL InverterThe CXA-P1212B-WJL 8W DC to AC CCFL Inverter is designed for two Bulbs. It features include Pulse Wide Modulation mode brightness control and lamp failure detection. The input voltage is 12 V and the output is 1700 V.

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