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Sharp Microelectronics - Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers innovative LCD, optoelectronics, memory, imager, and RF components to the electronics market. In the lighting market, Sharp offers several LED drivers along with a selection of high brightness LEDs and LEDs specified for currents less than 75mA. Learn more about Sharp Microelectronics.

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  • LEDs < 75 mA
LEDs < 75 mA

Components in this category include LEDs specified for drive currents less than 75mA.

GM5BW9733xA Series

GM5BW9733xA SeriesThese 3-die white LEDs operate in parallel at 20 mA per die to produce up to 17 lumens of light output. They are available in three color temperatures that are well suited for general indication, home appliance, and electronic equipment applications.

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