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Power Integrations - offers a broad range of highly integrated high-voltage ICs for use in LED lighting applications where designers require offline power supplies at universal input line cord voltages—85 VAC to 265 VAC. Learn more about Power Integrations.

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  • Drivers

Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including industrial, outdoor, commercial, and residential.

New LED Lighting Reference Designs

LinkSwitch™-PH, LinkSwitch-PL, and LYTSwitch reference designs enable engineers to quickly and easily deliver highly efficient LED lighting products to the market. New reference designs include:

  •   12.6 W TRIAC Dimmable, Isolated Flyback, >0.97 PFC (RDR-347)
  •   4.5 W Non-Isolated, PFC LED Driver (RDR-271)
  •   High Efficiency, High PF (>0.9) 15 W LED Driver (DER-289)
  •   T8 25 W, Non-Isolated, Buck-Boost PFC LED Driver (DER-287)
  •   25 W Non-Isolated, Buck-Boost PFC LED Driver (DER-285)
  •   No Electrolytic, ≥90% Efficiency, >0.9 PF, 15 W Driver (DER-284)
  •   TRIAC Dimmable, Isolated, High PF, 15 W LED Driver (DER-281)
  •   1.1 W Non-Dimmable, Non-Isolated PFC LED Driver (RDR-268)
  •   5 W Dimmable, Non-Isolated PFC LED Driver (RDR-251)
  •   12 W Buck Topology, PFC LED Driver (RDR-257)

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