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Nuventix is an active thermal management company that has developed an innovative approach to LED cooling. The Nuventix SynJet® module uses synthetic jet cooling technology to generated turbulent pulses of air with an electromagnetic actuator to cool high power LED arrays. Learn more about Nuventix

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  • Thermal Management
Thermal Management

Thermal management products are used to aid the transfer of thermal energy from an LED and include heat sinks, thermal interface materials (pads, tape, or grease), and metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs).

Nuventix - SynJet® 48W Downlight Cooler for High Power LED Arrays

Nuventix - 48W Downlight Cooler • 48 W cooling capacity 
• 0.63 C/W thermal resistance
• Energy efficient (550-700 mW)
• 100K hours lifetime
• 5 year warranty

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