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Molex Inc. is a leading global supplier of electronic interconnects products. Molex has partnered with Bridgelux to create a solid-state lighting system that is both highly effective and easy to install, upgrade, and change. The Helieon modules are designed to match the light output levels of traditional light sources, delivering between 500 and 1,500 lumens with 3000 k and 4100 k color temperature options. Helieon modules are available with narrow and medium flood-beam patterns that enable precision effects for a wide variety of lighting applications. Learn more about Molex Inc.

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  • LED Modules
  • Optics
  • Thermal Management
LED Modules

Products classified as "LED Modules" include "Plug and Play" devices which require only a power source for proper operation, modules with or without standard connectors, and LEDs mounted on Starboard printed circuit boards.

Helieon - Solid State Lighting Modules with Separable Sockets

Molex Inc. - Helieon

•   3000 K and 4100 K CCT      

•   1330 - 1530 lm @ 1400 mA

•   51 - 70 lm/W efficacy

•   24°, 32°, and 50° beam angle

•   80mm dia. module

•   Separable socket and module

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The lens holders linked on this page are currently in stock. Please note that these lens holders are designed for specific types of LEDs. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing the proper lens for an application.

Molex - Solderless LED Holders for Cree and Bridgelux LED Arrays

Molex - Solderless LED Holder

•   For Cree and Bridgelux LED Arrays

•   Compression contacts for LED

•   Double-ended wire-trap terminals
    for series or parallel wiring

•   Snap-lock feature for optional optics

•   Screw-mount attachment to heat sink

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Thermal Management

Thermal management products are used to aid the transfer of thermal energy from an LED and include heat sinks, thermal interface materials (pads, tape, or grease), and metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs).

Heat Sink for Cree and Bridgelux High Power LED Arrays

Molex Heat Sink

• LED heat sink for:
    - Cree CXA20
    - Cree MP-L
    - Bridgelux ES

• 80.00mm diameter

• Pre-drilled mounting holes

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