Lighting Solution
Digi-Key has numerous lighting solutions that are ideal for most lighting projects.  Start building your complete lighting project today easily by selecting your components with Digi-Key's parametric part search database.

Parametric Search

High Power LEDs
 •   LEDs - >75mA, Discrete
 •   LED Modules

LED Indicators
 •   Circuit Board Indicators
 •   LEDs - <75mA, Discrete
 •   LED Lamp Replacements
 •   Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights

LED Drivers
 •   LED Driver ICs
 •   LED Driver Modules

 •   LED, Lamp Lenses
 •   Light Pipes

 •   Ballast Controller ICs
 •   CCFL Transformers
 •   Inverter Modules
 •   Lamps - CCFL & UV

Thermal Management
 •   Heat Sinks
 •   Heat Sink Pads
 •   LED Thermal Products
 •   Peltier Modules
 •   Thermal Grease, Epoxies
 •   Thermal Tape

Evaluation and Development
 •   Eval and Demo Boards and Kits
 •   LED Driver Eval Boards
 •   LED Kits