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The products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.

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Driver Package

  • Driver ICs (LED)
  • Driver Modules (LED)
  • Evaluation Boards
Driver ICs (LED)

LED driver ICs providing a variety of functions such voltage conversion, current control, dimming and thermal protection.

Texas Instruments - Power Factor Controller with Phase Dimming Decoder

Texas Instruments - LM3450 LED DriverThe LM3450 is a power factor controller (PFC) with a separate phase dimming decoder. It is ideal for implementing a dimmable off-line LED driver for 10-100 W loads. The phase dimming decoder interprets the phase angle and remaps it to a 500 Hz PWM output.

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Power Integrations - Single-stage PFC with Primary-Side CC, TRIAC-dimmable LED Driver

Power Integrations - LinkSwitch-PHLinkSwitch-PH dramatically simplifies implementation of LED drivers requiring Power Factors greater than 0.9, TRIAC dimming, and high efficiency. This controller introduces a new control technique that provides a very high power factor and eliminates passive circuitry required for power factor correction, optocoupler and secondary current control circuitry.

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Driver Modules (LED)

LED driver modules are pre-engineered LED drive solutions which are available in a variety of mounting styles, interface options, and output configurations.

RECOM POWER – 20 W Dimmable AC-DC LED Power Supply

RECOM POWER – RACT20 Series•   Universal AC input 90-135 V         
•   350mA to 1050mA output
•   56V max output voltage
•   82% efficiency at full load
•   Active PFC > 0.95
•   UL-8750 and 3.75 kVAC isolation
•   5 year warranty

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Thomas Research: 40 W Fixed Output and Dimmable LED Drives

Thomas Research -  LED-40W Series• Input voltage: 100 - 277 VAC
• Output current: 350 - 4450 mA
• Output voltage: 3 - 114 VDC
• Active power factor correction
• UL8750 and Class 2 Compliant
• Long life: MTBF 482,000 hours

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Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards include a variety of tools for LED driver evaluation and design reference.

Texas Instruments - LM3450 Evaluation Board

Texas Instruments - LM3450 Evaluation BoardThe LM3450/50A is a power factor controller (PFC)with separate phase dimming decoder. The PFC regulates the output voltage while maintaining excellent power factor. The phase dimming decoderinterprets the phase angle and remaps it to a 500Hz PWM output. This device is ideal for implementing a dimmable off-line LED driver for 10-100W loads.

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