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AVX Corporation's BestCap capacitor is unique in its ability to store several hundred times as much energy (on a weight and volume basis) as a conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitor, while retaining its ability to deliver that energy at more than ten times the discharge rate. The low profile configuration of the BestCap devices is suited for high-performance portable and battery powered applications, as well as for use in hybrid battery packs to reduce peak power on demand and extend battery life. Learn more about AVX Corporation

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AVX BestCapAVX's BestCap® technology provides excellent high power pulse characteristics based upon the combination of very high capacitance and ultra-low ESR, together with extremely low leakage current. Based on a unique patented aqueous chemistry and an innovative design, this series offers high capacitance, even with short pulse applications such as in GSM, GPRS, Edge and PCS based systems.
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