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Susumu - Susumu specializes in thin film technology: chip resistors, chip networks, precision resistor networks, chip inductors, and delay lines. In the wireless market, Susumu offers several RF power dividers and a filter balun specifically designed for Bluetooth applications.  Learn more about Susumu.

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Featured Product

Susumu Thin Film Differential Delay LinesThin Film Differential Delay Lines
Susumu's GL1L/GL2L series of thin film differential delay lines offer the same excellent frequency performance as sip delays but come in a gull winged surface mount package. The differential SMT is useful for PECL applications, and contains two identical transmission lines matched for the time delay.

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RF Components

Susumu High Precision Power SplittersHigh Precision Power Splitters
Susumu's PS series of high precision power splitters feature excellent high frequency characteristics for application from DC~20GHz.

Other Susumu products include:
408-1132-ND - Delay Line 2.5ns +-50ps 16-SOIC
408-1137-ND - Delay Line 5.0ns +-50ps 16-SOIC

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