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SkyeTek - SkyeTek combines intelligent software with an inexpensive hardware platform to provide modern RFID security, distributed policy management and network-ready readers. SkyeTek offers several RFID read/write modules, RFID antenna multiplexers, and RFID development kits.
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Featured Product

SkyeTek SkyeModule M4SkyeModule M4
The SkyeModule M4 is a feature-rich, easy-to-use HF RFID reader module specially designed to serve three distinct market applications: product authentication, access control and contact less payment.  The SkyeModule M4 provides industry-leading security and sophisticated features normally associated with much more expensive readers at a ground-breaking price.  It's small size and intelligent software ease integration and provide customers with a significant cost-performance advantage.

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Development Kits

SkyeTek SkyeModule™ M2 Development KitSkyeModule™ M2 Development Kit
The SkyeModule™ M2 development kit combines the rich HF/protocol support and performance typical of SkyeTek reader modules with standards-based security that is currently used by the Department of Defense and financial services.

Other SkyeTek products include:
753-1002-ND - Development Kit M9 W/M9 CF Module
753-1003-ND - Development Kit M9 W/MH CF Module
753-1020-ND - Development Kit M7 W/1 M7 MH Module

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SkyeTek SkyeModule™ M1-MiniSkyeModule™ M1-Mini
The SkyeModule™ M1-Mini provides a low power, high performance, and cost effective platform designed to enable any device with RFID reader technology. The M1-Mini is the world's smallest, self contained multi-protocol 13.56MHz OEM module.

Other SkyeTek products include:

753-1009-ND - Module M1 Mini W/TTL
753-1017-ND - SkyeModule M4 Product Authentication

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