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STMicroelectronics - STMicroelectronics specializes in developing complex ICs for demanding applications such as mobile multimedia, set-top boxes and computer peripherals. Their wireless offerings include RF FETs and transistors, various RF chips and modules, and a selection of RFID ICs and transponders.  Learn more about STMicroelectronics.

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Featured Product

STMicroelectronics SPBT2532C2.AT Bluetooth™ Micro-Sized ModuleSPBT2532C2.AT Bluetooth™ Micro-Sized Module
STMicroelectronics' SPBT2532 micro-sized Blue Module offers the most advanced Bluetooth technology on a highly reliable and affordable platform. The SPBT2532 Blue Module is fast (high data throughput of 2Mbps with EDR), offering several serial interface options (fast UART, SPI, I2C), and is micro-sized with a small form factor (10 x 13 mm footprint).

Some features include:

  • Bluetooth® specification compliant V2.1
  • Output power class-2
  • Transmission rate up to 2Mbps with EDR
  • General I/O: 4 general purpose I/O & 4 x 12-bit A/D input
  • Memory: 256 Kbytes Flash memory & 48 Kbytes RAM memory
  • 3.3V single supply voltage
  • No external oscillator required

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Development Kits

STMicroelectronics Demo BoardDemo Board STM32 Graphic Panel
The STEVAL-PCC012V1 , also called “monitoring unit”, consists of a TFT and ZigBee® module interfaced with the STM32 for viewing / monitoring JPEG images. The images are transferred in JPEG format, which helps to reduce transfer time on the ZigBee® network.

Other STMicroelectronics products include:
497-13159-ND - Demo Board for Class 1 Modules

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STMicroelectronics Bluetooth modulesBluetooth modules
STMicroelectronics Bluetooth modules are highly integrated for easy implementation in embedded applications. Class 1 modules enable wireless communication with other Bluetooth enabled devices up to 100m away.

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STMicroelectronics 0.4 to 11MHz Dual FM Receiver0.4 to 11MHz Dual FM Receiver
The TSH511 is a 0.4 to 11MHz dual FM receiver that offers the functions needed for a highly sensitive infrared hi-fi stereo receiver.

STMicroelectronics products include:
497-8152-1-ND - IC IR RCVR/DEMOD HI-FI 44-TQFP

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