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ROHM - ROHM designs and manufactures integrated circuits and other electronic components including monolithic ICs, power modules, transistors, diodes, light emitting diodes, laser diodes, liquid crystal displays, printheads, contact image sensors, photo link modules, resistors and capacitors. In the RF market, Rohm offers RF diodes and transistors, EMI line filters, mixers, receivers, and transmitters.
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Featured Product

ROHM BH1417F FM stereo transmitter ICFM stereo transmitter IC
The BH1417F is a FM stereo transmitter IC that consists of a stereo modulator for generating stereo composite signals and a FM transmitter for broadcasting a FM signal on the air. The stereo modulator generates a composite signal which consists of the MAIN, SUB, and pilot signal from a 38kHz oscillator. The FM transmitter radiates FM wave on the air by modulating the carrier signal with a composite signal. Frequency is set for North America.

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ROHM BH1425KN Wireless Audio LinkWireless Audio Link
ROHM's BH1414K-E2 provides a wireless audio link for mobile phones (FM stereo transmitter).

Other ROHM products include:
BH1418FV-E2CT-ND - FM Stereo Transmitter 24-SSOP
BH1414K-E2CT-ND - FM Stereo Transmitter QFP-44
BH1417F-E2CT-ND - FM Stereo Transmitter SOP-22

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