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Pulse - Pulse manufactures in passive, magnetic-based electronic components used in computers, networking and telecommunications, power conversion, defense, aerospace and consumer electronics. In the RF market, Pulse offers some EMI common mode chokes, antenna, and baluns.
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Pulse Short AntennasShortest Antennas in the Product Line:
W1030 2.4GHz Antenna
Omni-directional antennas provide a uniform, donutshaped, 360° radiation pattern. The omni-directional pattern is suitable for point-to-multipoint broadcasting in all directions. This antenna is primarily used for WLAN applications. However, it can also be used for a variety of other applications within the specified frequency range. When used as an access point, the antenna is ideally located at the center of the coverage area.

  •  For WLAN devices using WiFi (802.11b/g),Bluetooth®, and ZigBee™
  •  Omni-directional radiation pattern provides a broad 360° coverage
  •  1/4 wavelength dipole configuration
  •  Conn. options easily integrate with OEM designs

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Pulse Omni-Directional AntennaOmni-Directional Antenna
Omni-directional antenna patterns are suitable for point-to-multipoint broadcasting in all directions, primarily in WLAN applications. However, they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications within the specifies frequency range.

Other Antennas include:
553-1309-ND - 2.4GHz R-SMA Black 3" Antenna
553-1310-ND - 2.4GHz HG R-SMA Black 5" Antenna
553-1313-ND - 2.4/5GHz R-SMA Black 4.5" Antenna

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