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Murata Electronics - Murata Electronics is an integrated electronic components manufacturer specializing in the research and development of a broad spectrum of functional ceramics. In the RF market, Murata offers chip antennas, filters, coax connectors, baluns, transceivers, and a wide variety of RF specific capacitors.
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Featured Product

Murata Type TN – Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® ModuleType TN – Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® Module
Murata's Type TN is part of the broad market series targeting a wide range of consumer applications. The module is pre-integrated with several Texas Instruments OMAP™, SITARA™, DaVinci™, and Integra™ processors facilitating faster customer design cycles.

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Murata SN2100 Bluetooth ModuleSN2100 Bluetooth Module
The SN2100 is a complete industrial grade high power (class 1) Bluetooth® module with on-board antenna for M2M application. It integrates Bluetooth® IC, PA, RF front end, TCXO and chip antenna into a small LGA form factor. It can be simply dropped into the OEM’s design.

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RF Components

Murata SFECF10M7 Series FM-receiversSFECF10M7 Series FM-receivers
Murata's SFECF10M7 series for FM-receivers are small, high performance and super thin (1.4mm max.) filters with a wide variety of bandwidths available.

Other RF Components products include:
490-1063-1-ND - Common Choke Mode 67Ω 0805
490-1041-1-ND - Ferrite Chip 1000Ω 200mA 0805
490-1229-1-ND - Filter 10.7MHz 110KHz Bandwidth
490-4721-1-ND - Discriminator SMD for NXP SA605

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Murata SN8200 WLAN ModuleSN8200 WLAN Module
The SN8200 is a complete low power self-contained embedded wireless solution to address the connectivity demand in M2M applications. It integrates micro-controller, Wi-Fi BB/MAC/RF IC, RF front end, clocks, and on-board antenna into a small form factor module. SN8200 can be controlled by a host device through a serial interface; it can also serve as a standalone Wi-Fi station or network controller. Thus, it can be used to enable wireless connectivity to the simplest products with minimal engineering resources. Click here for the development kit.

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Murata SN3020 ZigBee® ModuleSN3020 ZigBee Module
At just 400 mm2, the SN3020 ZigBee® module is the industry’s smallest, fully integrated ZigBee® module with +20 dBm output power and 1 MB of serial flash memory for a wide-range of applications. It offers the best-in-class ZigBee® RF performance with 123 dB link budget for long range, and includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor for customer applications. Click here for the development kit.

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