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Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. - Multi-Tech Systems manufactures telephony, Internet, remote access, and device networking products. In the wireless market, Multi-Tech offers a selection of transceivers along with some antennas and accessories.  Learn more about Multi-Tech.

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Featured Product

Multi-Tech SocketModem® EDGESocketModem® EDGE Cellular Modem
The SocketModem® EDGE cellular modem delivers enhanced data speeds when compared to GPRS by utilizing EDGE technology. It allows users to connect to the Internet and send and receive data up to three times faster than possible with an ordinary GSM/GPRS network making it ideal for data-intensive applications. Based on industry-standard open interfaces, the SocketModem EDGE cellular modem is equipped with quad-band GSM, which means it can be used worldwide on all existing GSM networks. In addition, it utilizes Multi-Tech’s Universal Socket design.


Multi-Tech Antenna for GPRS Quad Band Some Multi-Tech Antennas include:
591-1044-ND - CDMA/F2 R/A Hinged Antenna Dual Band
591-1045-ND - F1 R/A Hinged Antenna Dual Band
881-1154-ND - Magnetic Mount Antenna Dual Band
591-1069-ND - Antenna for GPRS Quad Band

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Multi-Tech  SocketModem® Cell cellular modem SocketModem® Cell cellular modem
The Multi-Tech SocketModem® Cell cellular modem is a complete, ready-to-integrate communications device that offers standards-based dual-band CDMA2000 1xRTT performance. This quick-to-market communications device allows developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense. The SocketModem Cell cellular modem is based on industry-standard open interfaces and utilizes Multi-Tech's Universal Socket design.

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