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Micrel - Micrel Inc., manufactures IC solutions for the analog, Ethernet and high bandwidth markets. In the wireless market, Micrel offers several receivers, transmitters, transceivers, and development kits associated with their products.  Learn more about Micrel.

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Featured Product

Micrel QwikRadio ProductsQwikRadio Products
Micrel's QwikRadio products are a family of ASK/OOK (amplitude shift keyed/on-off-keyed), highly integrated single-chip RF ICs. The receivers are true "antenna in, data-out" devices and the transmitter is an equivalent "data-in, antenna-out" part. Both the transmitter and receivers require no hand-tweaking with trimmer capacitors, as all tuning is performed automatically on-board the devices.

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Development Kits

Micrel RadioWire Development SystemRadioWire Development System
The RadioWire Development system is a multi function development kit that gives the user first hand experience of the RF performance as well as in depth development assistance. Its many features allow the user to do basic RF parameter testing as well as being a system development platform.

Other Development Kits products include:
576-1605-ND - Development Kit RadioWire 902~928MHz
576-1606-ND - Development Kit RadioWire 850~950MHz

Micrel OOK Wireless Applications Receiver ICOOK Wireless Applications Receiver IC
The MICRF001 is a single chip OOK (on-off keyed) wireless applications receiver IC, employing Micrel's latest QwikRadio™ technology. This device is a true "antenna-in, data-out" monolithic device.

Other ISM/Other products include:
576-1966-1-ND - TxRx ISM 410~450MHz 32-MLF
576-1332-ND - RF/IF Receiver ASK Shutdown 16-SOIC
576-2420-ND - Receiver ASK 300~440MHz 8-SOP

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