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Intersil - Intersil Corporation designs and manufactures high performance analog semiconductors. In the wireless market, Intersil offers a four-channel programmable digital downconverter along with several RF transistors.  Learn more about Intersil.

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Featured Product

Intersil Ultra High Frequency Transistor ArraysUltra High Frequency Transistor Arrays
The HFA3096, and HFA3127 are Ultra High Frequency Transistor Arrays that are fabricated from Intersil Corporation's complementary bipolar UHF-1 process. Each array consists of five dielectrically isolated transistors on a common monolithic substrate. The NPN transistors exhibit a fT of 8GHz while the PNP transistors provide a fT of 5.5GHz. Both types exhibit low noise (3.5dB), making them ideal for high frequency amplifier and mixer applications.

RF Components

Intersil RF Components Some Intersil RF component products include:
HFA3096BZ - Transistor Array UHF 16-SOIC
HFA3101BZ - Transistor Array UHF 8-SOIC

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