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Infineon Technologies - Infineon designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. In the wireless market, Infineon offers several devices including transmitters, receivers, modulators, amplifiers, and RF diodes and transistors.
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Featured Product

Infineon BGB 707 Low Noise Amplifier MMICLow Noise Amplifier MMIC
The BGB 707L7ESD E6327 is a Silicon Germanium Carbon (SiGe:C) low noise amplifier MMIC with integrated ESD protection and active biasing. The device is as flexible as a discrete transistor and features high gain, reduced power consumption and very low distortion for a very wide range of applications.


Infineon Single Chip ASK/FSK transmitterSingle Chip ASK/FSK Transmitter
The TDA7100 is a single chip ASK/FSK transmitter for operation in the frequency band 433-435MHz. The IC offers a high level of integration and needs only a few external components. The device contains a fully integrated PLL synthesizer and a high efficiency power amplifier to drive a loop antenna. A special circuit design and a unique power amplifier design are used to save current consumption and therefore to save battery life. Additional features are a power down mode and a divided clock output.

RF Components

Infineon TDA7200 400-440 MHz FSK/ASK Receiver400-440 MHz FSK/ASK Receiver
The TDA7200 is a very low power consumption single chip FSK/ASK Superheterodyne Receiver (SHR) for the frequency band 400 to 440 MHz. This IC offers a high level of integration and needs only a few external components.

Other Other Infineon RF products include:
TDA7100 - Single Chip ASK/FSK Transmitter 433-435 MHz

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