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Hittite Microwave Products - Hittite Microwave Products is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance integrated circuits, or ICs, modules, subsystems and instrumentation for technically demanding digital, RF, microwave and millimeterwave applications covering DC to 110 GHz.
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Featured Product

Hittite HMC920LP5 Active Bias ControllerHMC920LP5 Active Bias Controller
The HMC920LP5E is an Active Bias Controller which can be used to bias depletion and enhancement mode amplifiers operating in a Class-A regime. This unique IC houses an integrated LDO to regulate the Drain supply of the targeted amplifier, and a negative voltage generator for depletion mode devices. The gate voltage of the targeted amplifier is automatically adjusted to keep the quiescent current of the amplifier constant over supply, temperature, and threshold drifts.

RF Components

Hittite HMC830LP6GE Fractional-N PLLFractional-N PLL
The HMC830LP6GE is an industry-leading low noise, wide band, Fractional-N Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) with an integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). It is capable of generating continuous frequencies from 25 MHz to 3000 MHz. The HMC830LP6GE also features industry-leading phase noise and spurious performance across all frequencies, making it the best choice for applications that require excellent signal quality performance and high SNR.

HMC1020LP4E RMS DetectorsRMS Detector
The HMC1020LP4E is an RMS power detector that is ideal for broadband, high-dynamic-range applications requiring repeatable measurement of average signal power. These devices are especially useful where detection of RF and intermediate-frequency (IF) wave shape and/or crest factor change is crucial.

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