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B&B Electronics - Founded in 1981, B&B Electronics first product was a simple RS-232 tester. Since then B&B Electronics has had a history of continuous growth and expansion. B&B Electronics designs and manufactures wireless data communications products for commercial and industrial applications. Learn more about B&B Electronics

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B&B Technologies Airborne Industrial Wireless Ethernet SolutionsAirborne Industrial Wireless Ethernet Solutions
The Airborne™ line of industrial wireless device servers and Ethernet adapters are built for networking equipment in an array of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Available in both single and dual-port models, each wireless device server comes standard with industry-leading RF performance, enterprise class security support, and industrial-strength packaging designed to withstand the most challenging M2M environments.


B&B Electronics Zlinx Xtreme IP67 Wireless I/OZlinx Xtreme I/O Development Kit
Zlinx Xtreme I/O is an, outdoor rated industrial grade wireless product. Its IP67 rating along with wide temperature ratings make it suitable for monitoring and controlling remote analog and discrete devices without the need for a separate enclosure resulting in costs and space savings.

Other B&B Electronics ISM products include:

1165-1094-ND - Zlinx 2.4 GHz 250 Kbps Wireless I/O
1165-1093-ND - Zlinx 900 MHz 115.2 Kbps Wireless I/O 

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B&B Electronics Airborne Embedded Wireless Ethernet BoardAirborne Embedded Wireless Ethernet Board
The ABDG-ET-DP553 is a member of the AirborneTM line of highly integrated 802.11 radios and device servers, designed to address the demands of complex machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Utilizing the latest 802.11, microprocessor and network technologies, the Airborne family of products provide a broad encompassing solution for wireless applications requiring performance, reliability and advanced security.

Other B&B Electronics ISM products include:

590-1063-ND - Airborne Ethernet Bridge
590-1062-ND - Airborne Ethernet Transceiver

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