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Avago Technologies US, Inc. - Avago provides an extensive range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems. Their RF offerings include RF diodes, FETs and transistors along with a variety RF amplifier ICs for use in various applications.  Learn more about Avago.

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Featured Product

Avago ABA-51563 50Ω Silicon Monolithic AmplifierEasy-to-Use 50Ω Silicon Monolithic Amplifier
Avago's ABA-51563 is an economical, easy-to-use 50Ω matched silicon monolithic amplifier that offers excellent gain and broadband response from DC to 3.5GHz. Packaged in an ultra-miniature industry-standard SOT-363 package, it requires half the board space of a SOT-143 package.

This device is suitable for use as a buffer amplifier for wideband applications and is designed for low cost gain blocks in cellular applications, DBS tuners, LNB and other wireless communications systems.

Avago MGA-87563 GaAs MMIC AmplifierGaAs MMIC Amplifier
Avago's MGA-87563 is an economical, easy-to-use GaAs MMIC amplifier that offers low noise and excellent gain for applications from 0.5~4GHz. Packaged in an ultra-miniature SOT-363 package, it requires half the board space of a SOT-143 package. The primary application for this device is for sue as an LNA or gain stage for PCS, ISM, Cellular, and GPS applications.

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Avago MSA-0711 Silicon Bipolar MMIC AmplifierSilicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier
The MSA-0711 is a low cost silicon bipolar Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) housed in the surface mount plastic SOT‑143 package. This MMIC is designed for use as a general purpose 50 Ω gain block. Typical applications include narrow and broad band IF and RF amplifiers in commercial and industrial applications.

Other Avago ISM products include:
ADA-4743-TR1G - Silicon Bipolar Darlington Amplifier SOT-343
MSA-0886-TR1G - Cascadable Silicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier 86-SMD

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RF Components

Avago ATF-55143 Single Supply E-PHEMTATF-55143 Single Supply E-PHEMT
Avago Technologies' ATF-55143 is a high dynamic range, very low noise, single supply E-PHEMT housed in a 4-lead SC-70 (SOT-343) package.

Other Avago RF components include:
MGA-87563-TR1G - 0.~4GHz 3V 4.5mA GaAs Low Noise Amp

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Avago MGA-412P8-TR1G Linear Power AmplifierMGA-412P8-TR1G Linear Power Amplifier
Avago's MGA-412P8 linear power amplifier is designed for applications in the (1.7-3) GHz frequency range. The amplifier is optimized for IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN applications and has a best-in-class efficiency (PAE) of 25.5% (54Mbps OFDM) achieved through the use of Avago Technologies’ proprietary GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process.

Other Avago 802.11/WiFi/WiMax products include:
ABA-53563-TR1G - 3.5GHz Broadband Silicon RFIC Amplifier
ADA-4543-TR1G - 2.5GHZ Silicon Bipolar Darlington Amplifier SOT-343
MGA-22003-BLKG - 2.3-2.7 GHz 3x3mm WiMAX and WiFi Power Amplifier

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