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Antenova - Antenova develops and supplies high performance antennas and RF antenna modules for mobile handsets, portable devices and laptop computers. Specifically, Antenova offers a variety of 2.4GHz along with a couple of GPS specific antennas. Learn more about Antenova.

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Featured Product

Antenova Rufa AntennaRufa Antennas
The Rufa antenna is intended for use with all 2.4GHz applications. The antenna requires a groundplane, i.e the device acts as an active part of the antenna and thus demand careful consideration concerning its placement.

Designed for 2.4GHz applications [Bluetooth™, WiFi™ (802.11b/g), ZigBee™, WiMedia™ etc.]

Development Tools

Antenova A5645-U1 Reference BoardA5645-U1 Reference Board
The A5645-U1 reference board is designed for the evaluation of the A5645 Mica antenna and includes an SMA female connector. The A5645 Mica antenna is intended for use with all 2.4 GHz applications.

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Antenova Titanis 2.4GHz Swivel SMA AntennaTitanis 2.4GHz Swivel SMA Antenna
Antenova's Titanis 2.4GHz Swivel SMA Antenna has reversed thread to meet FCC regulation part 15. Applications include development tools, test equipment, portable Instruments, Access points, and gateways.

Other Antenova Antenna Products Include:
3030A5645-01 - 2.4GHz SMD Chip Antenna (20.5 x 3.6 x 3.3mm)
A10192-L - 2.4GHz Chip Antenna (4 x 3 x 1.1mm)

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Antenova RADIONOVA® Co-Planar SMD AntennaRADIONOVA® Co-Planar SMD Antenna
RADIONOVA® co-planar SMD antenna for 1575MHz GPS signals. Low height, small footprint, and light weight for easy integration onto PCB. Applications include mobile phones and handheld devices with embedded GPS systems.
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