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RF Components are the discrete passive / active components and building blocks used to build radios and related circuitry. Categories include amplifiers, Connectors and Cable Assemblies, modulators, demodulators, PLLs (phase-locked loops), synthesizers, filters, mixers and switches.

RF Components

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Skyworks AS179 SwitchSkyworks AS179 Switch
The AS179-92LF is an IC FET SPDT switch in a low cost miniature SC-70 6-lead plastic package. The AS179-92 features low insertion loss and positive voltage operation with very low DC power consumption. This general purpose switch can be used in a variety of telecommunications applications.   Datasheet

Features Include:
- P1dB 30dBm typical @ 3V
- IP3 43dBm typical @ 3V
- Low insertion loss (0.3dB @ 0.9GHz)
- Low DC power consumption
- Ultraminiature SC-70 6-lead package
- PHEMT process
- Available lead free and RoHS compliant MSL-1 @ 260°C
   per JEDEC J-STD-020

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RF Component AmplifiersAmplifiers
Amplifiers are used in various functions within a radio subsystem. Used as Low noise amplifiers (LNA's), IF gain stages, or Power Amplifiers (PA's), the purpose of the Amplifier in an RF subsystem remains to increase the link budget and increase the transmission range of a device. Amplifiers can be made from Silicon, but for low noise introduction, high-amplification operation other processes are commonly used, such as HEMT and GaAs.

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Modulators and DemodulatorsModulators and demodulators are used to change (Modulate) a waveform so that it may carry a signal to the receiving device to be demodulated, whether the signal is voice or data, various techniques are available such as analog modulation (AM, FM) and Digital Modulation (FSK, ASK, PSK etc).

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PLLs, Synthesizers

Analog Devices PLL SynthesizerPLLs and Synthesizers
PLLs and Synthesizers are used to generate a frequency from a fixed oscillator frequency or other fixed source.

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Abracon SAW FilterFilters
RF Filters are components utilized to "filter" a frequency. Filter types available include Band pass (i.e. allow a Frequency band to pass through the filter), Low pass (i.e. allow Frequency below a level to pass), and High pass (i.e. allow a frequency above a level to pass through), in certain technologies such as Ceramic and SAW (Surface acoustic Wave).

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Linear Tech Mixer 10MHz-4GHzMixers
RF Mixers are designed to mix two or more input frequencies and provide either a summed output or a difference output. The original input frequencies may also be output but are typically filtered out in later stages of the application.

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Analog Devices Switch ICSwitches
A switch in RF is used to provide a way to provide a single transmission path in an application where multiple transmission paths are needed. An example would be creating a transceiver out of a receiving device and a transmitting device, creating a single path to the antenna while being able to switch between the receive and transmit paths. Other applications can also include using a single antenna for multiple frequencies or allowing two devices operating at the same frequency to "share" the antenna.

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