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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technique that uses short range radio transmissions to read and write data to an RFID tag. This tag can be powered by an electromagnetic field, eliminating the requirement of using of batteries or mains power for the device. Commonly used as a way to uniquely identify a specific device or object, the application possibilities for RFID are extensive.


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Texas Instruments RFID TRF7960 Evaluation Module (EVM)RFID TRF7960 Evaluation Module (EVM)
The Texas Instruments TRF7960 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the TRF7960 multiple-protocol RFID transceiver.

Development Tools

Skyetek RFID Development KitDevelopment Tools for RFID:

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DLP Design RFID Reader/WriterModules for RFID
RFID modules provide a designer a simple and easy way to integrate RFID functionality into your design.

DLP Design 
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Texas Instruments
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Reader ICs

Reader ICs for RFID
Available in multiple frequencies and operating modes, RFID Reader ICs offer low cost and high functionality to a designer looking to integrate RFID into any application.

Melexis Reader ICsMelexis 13.56MHz Reader ICs for RFID
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NXP Reader ICsNXP Reader and Read/Write ICs for RFID
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Texas Instruments Reader ICsTexas Instruments Reader ICs for RFID
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RFID transponder tagsTransponders for RFID
RFID tags are offered in many sizes and functionality to fit any application.

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