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NXP Semiconductors provides high performance mixed signal and standard product solutions that leverage its leading RF, analog, power management, interface, security, and digital processing expertise.

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Development Kits

Development Kits provide engineers with a platform to explore the attributes of specific components. This section provides information on OEM and daughter boards, wireless modules, JTAG probes, and accessories.

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NXP Semiconductors OM11043The mbed LPC1768 board allows for the creation of prototypes without having to work with low-level microcontroller details. Using a browser-based IDE, software can be composed and compiled, then downloaded quickly and easily to the board's NXP Cortex-M3 microcontroller LPC1768 using a simple drag-and-drop function.

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NXP OM11035

The OM11035 LPC1768 Development Kit from NXP Semiconductor contains all of the hardware and software required for evaluating and developing with NXP's LPC1700 series MCUs.  This kit consists of the RDB1768V2 Development board, a fully featured evaluation version of Red Suite, and a suite of example programs.  The integrated on-board debug circuit means that no additional debug probe is needed when used with Red Suite.

 Summary of the LPC1768 Development Kit Features

  • Drag2Flash™ feature.  The board appears as a FLASH drive and the user can just drag a built binary onto the drive and then press a button to run
  • RDB1768V2 Development board, fitted with NXP LPC1768 microcontroller incorporating 100 MHz ARM® Cortex-M3
  • 512KB FLASH, 64KB SRAM
  • Stunning 128x128 pixel color LCD
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port using SMSC LAN8720 PHY
  • USB Device and Host connectors
  • 16-bit stereo audio input/output using NXP UDA1380 with programmable sample rates from 8KHz to 48KHz
  • Audio speaker (driven from LPC1768 DAC or audio codec)
  • Standard audio jacks for line0in, line-out, mic-in and stereo headphones
  • Micro-SD Card interface
  • Serial port on standard 9-pin D-type with RS232 levels
  • Mini-joystick, plus INT and RESET buttons, for user input
  • 0.1" pitch pads for all IO pins
  • USB connection with Red Suite without additional debug probe
  • Can be powered by USB, removing need for separate power supply
  • Suite of example applications, including an embedded web server, and an SD-card filing system
  • Supplied with a fully-featured evaluation version of Red Suite

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