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BUD Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of enclosures for the electronics and data industries.  Notable enclosures in the ToolsXpress TechZone include Freedom Board enclosure and the Board-ganizer Kit.

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Bud Boardganizer

The BUD Industries Board-ganizer is a patent pending fold and flatten enclosure which is designed for use with development boards and micro-computers (such as the RaspberryPi, Olimex, Freescale Freedom Board, Arduino, and the Beagle Boards to name a few).  The board-ganizer is a unique work space organizing platform designed to serve the rapidly growing community of electronic engineers and developers.  This innovative enclosure lets the user combine and mix boards with no need for additional hardware.  The boards are attached using specially developed adhesive backed rubber feet.

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FBB-3665 Freedom Board Enclosure

Bud FBB-3665BUD Industries offers the FBB-3665 freedom board enclosure.  This enclosure is designed to fit the Freescale Freedom Development Platform Model FRDM-KL25Z (not included).  It is designed specifically to be friendly to a prototyping environment while providing protection and functionality.

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