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Vishay/BCcomponents - Product Information
Vishay/BCcomponents' sensor offering includes capacitive atmospheric humidity sensors and NCT thermistors in a variety of packages and tolerances. Its other products include leaded metal film resistors, leaded metal glaze resistors, thermistors, varistors, variable resistors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, and film capacitors.  Learn more about Vishay/BCcomponents.

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Vishay/BCcomponents - Product Information

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Vishay/BC Components NTC Mini LugNTC Mini Lug - Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors, Mini Lug Sensors
The NTC Mini Lug sensors are suitable for surface sensing applications, especially when a good electrical insulation and a good thermal contact with the chassis is required. This series has fast response time for surface applications compared to industry standard NTC lug sensors and reduced thermal gradient due to the use of small dimensions and nickel conductor, for an accurate surface temperature measurement. This device has a small lug ring tongue terminal, allowing for temperature sensing at locations with limited space. The end wire can be soldered, welded or crimped to a connector.

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Vishay/BC Components Capacitive Atmospheric Humidity SensorCapacitive Atmospheric Humidity Sensors
This capacitive atmospheric humidity sensor consists of a non-conductive foil, which is covered on both sides with a layer of gold. The dielectric constant of the foil changes as a function of the relative humidity and, accordingly, the capacitance value of the sensor is a measure for relative humidity. The characteristics are not affected by incidental water condensation on the sensor foil.

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