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Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage has integrated circuit illuminance sensors, which incorporate a phototransistor and current amplifier circuit in a single chip. These devices are ideal for any equipment that requires luminosity adjustment.  Learn more about Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage.

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Toshiba TPS851 Photo-ICTPS851 Ultra-compact Photo-IC
The TPS851 is an ultra-compact surface-mount photo-IC for illuminance sensors which incorporates a photodiode and current amp circuit in a single chip.

The sensitivity is superior to that of a phototransistor, and exhibits little variation. It has spectral sensitivity closer to luminous efficiency and excellent output linearity. With its ultra-compact surface-mount package, this photo-IC can be used as the power-saving control for domestic appliances or forbacklighting for displays in cellular phones, this device enables low power consumption to be achieved.

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