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Thomas Research Products - Thomas Research Products is an industry-leading global supplier of LED drivers, with a comprehensive range of long life constant-current, constant-voltage and 0-10V dimmable drivers. Every design is optimized for quality, efficiency, longevity, and cost competitiveness.
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Thomas Research WASP2™ Series Occupancy SensorsWASP2™ Series Occupancy Sensors
Thomas Research Products offers a complete range of WASP2™ series high-mount occupancy sensors from Hubbell Building Automation. Densely multi-faceted fresnel lenses provide maximum coverage and motion detection. Integrated photocell provides for daylight harvesting. This module helps meet stringent new energy codes.

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Thomas Research Automatic Passive Infrared, LightHAWK™, and LightOWL™ Series Sensors and SwitchesAutomatic Passive Infrared, LightHAWK™, and LightOWL™ Series Sensors and Switches
TRP offers a complete line of wall-mounted occupancy sensors and switches from Hubbell Building Automation. These sensors learn the occupancy patterns, using Hubbell's IntelliDAPT technology, for completely automatic operation. Passive Infrared sensing technology is standard, also available with ultrasonic and dual-technology sensing. LightOWL models can be used in wall-or ceiling-mount applications.

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