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Parallax, Inc. supplies positioning and specialized sensors through Digi-Key. Additionally, it manufactures microcontrollers, microcontroller development tools, LCDs, AppKits, and other related products.  Learn more about Parallax.

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Parallax PING)))™ Ultrasonic SensorParallax's PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor
Parallax's PING)))™ ultrasonic sensor provides a very low-cost and easy method of distance measurement. This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you'll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement if so desired. You will definitely appreciate the activity status LED and the economic use of just one I/O pin. The Ping sensor measures distance using sonar; an ultrasonic (well above human hearing) pulse is transmitted from the unit and distance-to-target is determined by measuring the time required for the echo return. Output from the PING))) sensor is a variable-width pulse that corresponds to the distance to the target. Interfacing to the BASIC Stamp and Javelin Stamp microcontrollers is a snap: a single (shared) I/O pin is use to trigger the Ping sensor and "listen" for the echo return pulse. And the  intelligent trigger hold-off allows the PING)))™ to work with the BS1! An onboard three-pin header allows the PING))) to be plugged into a solderless breadboard (on a Boe-Bot, for example), and to be connected to its host through a standard three-pin servo extension cable.

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