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NVE Corporation currently supplies magnetic position sensors through Digi-Key. NVE is an electronics component manufacturer that specializes in the combination of magnetically-sensitive materials with integrated circuits.  Learn more about NVE. 

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NVE GT SensorsNVE GT Sensors
NVE’s GT Sensor products are based on a Low Hysteresis GMR sensor material and are designed for use in industrial speed applications where magnetic detection of gear teeth and magnetic encoder wheels is required. GT Sensors with both analog and digital outputs are available. The analog parts feature the large signal and robust characteristics which NVE’s GMR materials are known for (NVE’s GMR sensors are not damaged by extremely large magnetic fields). The sensor elements themselves are designed to provide usable output with even the smallest gear teeth. Single and double output versions are available; the second output is phase shifted with respect to the first, to provide quadrature for determining direction.

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