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Melexis' sensor offering currently include Hall effect, temperature, optical, and current sensors. Melexis also offers high-quality solutions for the demanding automotive world.  Learn more about Melexis.

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US4881ESE Hall Effect DeviceHall Effect Devices
Hall Effect Devices detect magnetic flux density (mainly produced by a permanent magnet) and are used in both movement and position sensing. By integrating the sensing element onto the same silicon as its control logic and interface circuitry, Melexis has produced sensor chips with various degrees of intelligence to suit most applications. Sensing the rotation of shafts (e.g. cam- and crank-shaft) in engine, monitoring movement in motors and actuators, sensing pedal, throttle and steering wheel position, Melexis Hall Devices offer a reliable, contactless method of movement and position detection. Melexis is a technological leader for the design, development and testing of integrated Hall Effect Devices. Melexis Hall Effect Devices enable an optimal use of the smaller feature sizes of which semiconductor technology is capable today. Therefore, very sophisticated mixed analog-digital signal conditioning circuitry (such as Chopped Analog String, Digital Signal Processing Core, Microcontroller) can be integrated. Most of the devices can withstand the severe automotive conditions despite few external components.

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