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AMT203 Absolute Encoder

CUI AMT203 Absolute EncoderCUI's AMT203 outputs 12 bits of absolute position information in a very small (1.35"x1.13"x 0.45") modular package. Unique among its peers, the AMT203 generates absolute position information using CUI's patented, capacitive code generation system coupled with a proprietary ASIC, creating a reliable, economical, and durable control and positioning solution. The AMT203's serial peripheral interface (SPI) affords higher throughput and simpler hardware interfacing than I²C or SMBus.

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AMT303 Commutation Encoder

CUI AMT303 Commutation EncoderCUI's AMT303 encoder generates standard U/V/W commutation signals for vectoring current to brushless motors. Resolutions can be set through the AMT303 eval board or serial peripheral interface (SPI). Commutation output is programmable for brushless motors with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 20 poles using the eval board or via the SPI. The AMT303 offers supplementary incremental A, B, and Z channels for various servo positioning and control functions.

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Panel Mount Encoders

Panel Mount EncodersACZ and C14 series encoders from CUI, Inc. are designed to provide an accurate and inexpensive method for user input across a wide range of applications. The ACZ family of mechanical encoders includes vertical and right angle models; 11mm, 12mm, and 16mm package sizes; and a number of shaft and bushing configurations. Also included in the offering are a range of resolutions, detent options, and pin configurations to allow for convenient integration with many designs. These encoders are economical and represent a true cost advantage in control applications.

The C14 series of panel mount optical encoders is designed to offer users maximum flexibility. The combination of accuracy, durability, reliability, compact footprint, and a true 2-bit output sets this series apart. Available with an optional seal for IP65 rating, the C14 can be configured to meet a designer's exacting requirements for shaft shape and size, rotational "feel," and mounting configuration. Additionally, the rugged metal body and shaft ensure the C14 can stand up to the most challenging applications.

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AMT102 & AMT103 Modular Encoders

AMT102 & 103 Modular EncodersCUI's AMT Series modular encoder has been designed with proprietary, capacitive, code-generating technology and represents a breakthrough in cost vs. resolution. The AMT102 or AMT103 VersaPak models come standard with an onboard dip switch with 16 selectable resolution options ranging from 48 to 2048 PPR. They also include an index pulse as a standard feature. The output is TTL voltage and the operating temperature is -40°C to 100°C. The AMT is available in tow mounting options: AMT102 is radial (straight orientation) and AMT103 is axial (right angle orientation). The AMT is unique among modular incremental encoders because it is capacitive (the same technology used in digital calipers) and not optical. This eliminates handling of the sensitive optical disk and issues related to LED burnout from the photo diode.

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