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Atmel® provides a broad range of fixed-function microcontrollers to support capacitive touch in a variety of applications. Buttons, sliders, and wheels capabilities are implemented on silicon using two types of patented acquisition methods: QTouch® technology which detects touches by measuring the charge flow at a given point, and QMatrix® technology which detects touch using a scanned passive matrix of electrode sets.

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Atmel QT600 Development KitQT600 Development Kit
Atmel's QT600 is a complete touch development kit for buttons, sliders and wheels. This advanced development platform allows designers to experiment with Atmel touch technology and provides the easiest way to analyze and validate touch products.

The QT600 supports both QTouch and QMatrix™ acquisition methods and comes with one USB-powered interface board, three MCU boards representing the tinyAVR®, megaAVR® and AVR XMEGA™ families of microcontrollers, three touch sensor boards supporting up to 64-channels, and cables.

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Atmel AT42QT1060 6-channel QTouch™ ICAT42QT1060 6-channel QTouch™ IC
The AT42QT1060 IC provides all of the functions needed to create a fully functional touch interface for a mobile phone or other handheld device. The AT42QT1060 is a touch sensor IC designed to make the development of mobile and other applications as fast and simple as possible.

It is based on Atmel's QTouch™ technology and provides all of the signal processing and input/output functions required in a tiny 28-pin, 4 mm x 4 mm RoHS compliant package. AT42QT1060 includes a guard channel to prevent false detections by other keys, and features LEDs directly powered by the IC, eliminating the need for an external LED controller.

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Atmel AT42QT2160 Touch and Slide ControlAT42QT1060 6-channel QTouch™ IC
The AT42QT2160 implements 16 touch channels and a slider (using 2 to 8 channels) as well as LED control, IO expansion and a 2-wire serial interface, compatible to the industry standard I²C bus.

The IC is ideal for use as a small control panel processor in battery driven consumer devices such as mobile phones, personal media players, PDAs, digital picture frames and other mobile appliances. It is based on Atmel's QMatrix™ and QSlide™ technologies, has very low power requirements and provides a very wide range of host programmable input/output configurations.

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