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Analog Devices, Inc. - Analog Devices, Inc. manufactures accelerometers, magnetic sensors, multifunction sensors, and temperature sensors.  ADI's portfolio of inertial sensors includes iMEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes along with iSensor intelligent sensors.
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ADI ADXL345 Digital iMEMS® Motion SensorADXL345 Digital iMEMS® Motion Sensor
Analog Devices' ADXL345 ultra-low-power digital accelerometer has an output data range that scales from 0.1Hz to 3.2kHz, unlike competing devices, which have fixed 100Hz, 400Hz, or 1kHz data rates. This allows portable system designers to better manage energy consumption by precisely allocating power for a given system function and reserving unused power for other uses. The ADXL345 measures dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock and with a 10,000-g shock rating is well suited for applications such as hard-disk drive protection in personal computers.

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ADI ADT7410 Digital Temperature SensorADT7410 Digital Temperature Sensor
Analog Devices' ADT7410 is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor in a narrow SOIC package. It contains a band gap temperature reference and a 13 bit ADC to monitor and digitize the temper-ature to a 0.0625°C resolution. The ADC resolution, by default, is set to 13 bits (0.0625°C). This can be changed to 16 bits (0.0078°C) by setting Bit 7 in the configuration register (Register Address 0x03).

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