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Pressure sensors are devices that are designed to accurately detect the magnitude of external applications.

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Operating Pressure

Pressure SensorThe operating pressure of a pressure sensor is chosen based upon what value the intended system requires.

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Pressure Type

Absolute Type Pressure SensorMost users are typically accustomed to dealing in gage pressure as in pressure relative to the normal atmospheric pressure that surrounds us. As such, "absolute" pressure and absolute pressure sensors, which measure pressure relative to a perfect vacuum, can be somewhat confusing. Additionally, because zero absolute pressure (a perfect vacuum) is impossible to achieve, it is much harder to measure and calibrate absolute pressure sensors.

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Differential Type Pressure SensorsDifferential sensors measure the difference between two or more pressures introduced as inputs to the sensing unit.

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Gauge Type Pressure SensorsGauge sensors are used in different applications, because they can be calibrated to measure the pressure relative to a given atmospheric pressure at a given location. A tire pressure gauge is an example of gauge pressure indication. When the tire pressure gauge reads 0 PSI, there is really 14.7 PSI (atmospheric pressure) in the tire.

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Sealed Gauge Pressure SensorsA sealed gauge sensor is the same as the gauge pressure sensor except that it has been previously calibrated by the manufacturer to measure pressure relative to sea level pressure.

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Switch Type Pressure SensorsA pressure switch is a form of switch that makes electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input. This is used to provide on/off switching from a pneumatic or hydraulic source. The switch may be designed to make contact on either pressure rise or pressure fall.

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Vacuum Type Pressure SensorsA vacuum sensor is used to measure pressure less than the atmospheric pressure at a given location. This has the potential to cause some confusion, as industry may refer to a vacuum sensor as one referenced to either atmospheric pressure (i.e. measures negative gauge pressure) or relative to absolute vacuum.

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